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There are certain people who have helped influence the trajectory of my life. I've spoken before about how Saya Hillman of Mac & Cheese Productions helped me to find my passion and start Meandering Design. How Janice Lewis, who is an amazing life coach, helped me embrace the odd bits that make up me. It started with one step outside of my introverted comfort zone and then I just kept taking on new challenges like speaking in public about design, teaching classes, and much much more. 

Around the same time that I started trying new things I stumbled across Mighty Girl's Mighty Life List. I was so inspired by her approach to life that I created my own Mighty Life List. Except, there was something else that should have been on that list and it is 'attend Camp Mighty'. A couple of months ago when I saw registration open for Camp Mighty my stomach flip flopped because I really wanted to go. It was definitely a 'Hell Yes' response. Except, then the self-doubt crept in and I thought I wasn't good enough to go to Camp Mighty because no one knows about my blog. But duh! That is why I need to go. To learn, to connect and to talk about the awesome things we are doing here at Meandering Design. So, even though going to Camp Mighty is a smidge outside my comfort zone, I am going.

Part of the Camp Mighty experience is to raise $20,000 for Charity: Water. Charity: Water's mission is simple- to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Their operations are funded by private donors and so every cent that we raise will go directly to helping that mission.

Here is what I am offering to you my dear readers who are in Chicago. When you donate $25 you will receive 2 hours of Studio Time at Meandering Design. When you donate $50 you will receive a 2 hour sewing lesson at Meandering Design. This makes a great gift for that person who has always wanted to learn how to sew!

To donate, and to receive your studio time or sewing lesson, please visit Charity:Water and note in the comments 'Sew for Water' so I can track the donations made and contact you to set up a time for your lesson. 

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you so much for your support.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line meanderingdesign@gmail.com.


Originally published 7/9/13

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