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Photo credit jillian leiboff via Decor8

Workspace and fabric printing inspiration- Lotta Jansdotter

I have adored Lotta Jansdotter for years. In fact her book Simple Sewing was one of the first sewing books that I bought myself. It was around the time that I started to view my craft as art. Lotta's designs are simple, elegant and with a touch of nature. I was so enamored with all of the lifestyle accessories that she had created, fabric, scarves, clothes, paper, books, etc., that I bought Lotta's Life Style even though the whole book was in Japanese!

I also have a box of Lotta Jansdotter labels and some Lotta Jansdotter files. Just because! I think I also love what she makes because it is so crisp and modern. Even the colors tend to feel timeless to me and not very easily dated. Plus I love scandinavian style and Lotta is rooted in that design aesthetic.

Years ago I pulled out some images from Blueprint Mag via Martha Stewart (loved that magazine) of a tour of her home. Even though the apartment was small the way it is layed out and the color scheme make it feel spacious. I want the bookcase and all of the textiles. The way the rug, curtains and all of the other textiles coordinate but don't match is simply brilliant.

Jillian Leiboff did a studio tour of Lotta Jansdotter's workshop on Decor8 and I fell in love all over again.

Mood Board photo credit Jillian Leiboff

Photo credit Jillian Leiboff
This photo makes me want to take a workshop with Lotta. Photo Credit Jillian Lieboff
I made a scarf last year with some Lotta Jansdotter's fabric and took a vintage dress and put a stripe of Lotta fabric and made it into a skirt.

Seeing her space and the work that she does inspires me to create my own designs and take the flotsam floating around in my head and print it on fabric.

What sparks your creativity?


Originally published 5/14/13

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