Logan Square

Arrangement of flowers from Fleur in Logan Square. Vases are my grandmother's.
Logan Square is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago. It has a hip, unpretentious vibe to it along with a great selection of food and local goods. Check out Logan Squarist for information about the neighborhood. 
What makes Logan Square so unique is the long boulevard that spans Logan Blvd, intersects at Milwaukee and then heads along Kedzie. That intersection point is a roundabout and tucked behind that is 'The Square'. I spent Sunday morning wandering through the shops on the Square. 
I had brunch with a fabulous group of Crave ladies at Dunlay's on the Square. They also have the best vegi burger in the city. You must try the monkeybread. It's a caramel, frosted, doughy, tasty extravaganza. Whatever you order make sure it comes with their hashbrowns. Seriously amazing hashbrowns. 
Afterwards we wandered over to Wolfbait & B-Girls, which has a fabulous selection of locally made goods. They have some great locally designed and made clothing, but unfortunately nothing in a larger size. My friend Keri bought a Squasht by Les hat that she looks fabulous in.  
Next stop was Fleur where I fell in love. Considering it was snowing in Chicago as our welcome to Spring, stepping into Fleur was a much needed respite. They have beautiful flowers and some lovely home goods. 
Our final stop was City Lit Books and it was like finding the holy grail of independent bookstores. How did I not know this place existed? It's the type of store where you can find recommendations from the workers that are spot on. They also have an amazing selection of books. Go buy more books!
Looking for more things to do in Logan Square then check out Logan Squarist

Originally published 3/25/14

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