Living room POA

I worked for a former brigadier general so sometimes acronyms slip into my vernacular. Today I'd like to talk about my POA, or plan of attack, for the living room or LR (JK). 

The bones in this room are really good. One challenge is there are numerous doors and entrances, so there are not many options for furniture placement, therefore the furniture will stay where it is. 
What the room needs are the finishing touches. What does that mean exactly? It needs that final layer that makes it feel cozy and invites people in. It could also use a couple of things on the coffee table that give an idea of who I am and what I am interested in. 

I'm going to do that by adding another layer of textures. The pillows right now, while they work don't have enough texture and interest to them. I'm going to bring in mongolian lambskin, leather, wool and cotton. I am going to play off of the colors in the rug so the pillows reference the rug, but they won't exactly match. I'm going to pull out the deeper burgundy, green and yellow from the rug. 

The secretary desk is centered on the wall and to the right is the cash register and to the left is a blank space. I used to have a small ottoman there, but it just didn't fit and I moved it into the other room. That space is crying out for a plant. I'm looking for something hardy, that can take indirect light and won't mind when I talk to it. I really want a pet, but unfortunately my allergies won't allow for one. Sigh. 
I may swap out the art in the corner by the dress form for something more neutral. The blue just doesn't fit in this room. 

I'm going to figure out a way to corral all of the cords and clean up the electronics in the tv stand. It just looks messy and it annoys me. 

Finally I'm going to paint the sewing machine. The case had been sorely abused and I tried to sand it down in order to stain it, but the wood was in bad shape. I tried painting it a dark steel blue grey (paint that I had on hand) and it did not work at all. I sanded it down to prep it for another coat of paint and it has sat like that for 4 months. 

Here is an overview of the plan- 
Next week I'll update give you an update on what I've managed to accomplish. 

Originally published 7/21/14

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