Live a 'Life of Yes'

Life a 'Life of Yes'- or 'do things that scare the crap out of you'

Sometimes I wonder what makes me do these things- you know, the ones that seem a little bit crazy, but inside you are jumping up and down with glee. I have always had an inquisitive mind, but in the past my curiosity and constant need to learn meant I was involved in quieter pursuits. I read a lot of books. I liked books and so I got a Masters in English. Well, that was really useful, so then I decided to pursue a more useful degree like a Masters in Public Administration. 
At some point those quiet, creative, intellectual pursuits just did not keep my interest like they used to. So, I started taking belly dancing classes, flamenco dance lesssons, cooking lessons, and book meetups at Feltre. I started to travel, see movie alones, go to lectures at the Newberry and make lists of things I wanted to do. I recognized that just because I was an introvert did not mean that I abhorred being out and about in the world interacting with people, it meant that occasionally I needed my alone time. 
Then I took a job in Iraq, which I loved, but after a year I came home.When I came home I was still searching. I made a new list. As I mentioned before # 6 on the list was "speak in public about something I loved". So, I did it and here is the video to prove it. I stood up on a stage in front of an amazing supportive audience at 1871 and I spoke about what I love. Ignite Chicago provides this stupendous space for people to speak, and for the audience to be inspired. I had a blast learning about other people's interests. 
Thank you all who came. Thank you to Pete Aiello and Claire Lew for the opportunity to speak at Ignite Chicago. Thank you also to Saya Hillman from Mac n' Cheese Productions who has helped me live a 'Life of Yes'. 

The next Ignite Chicago is July 29th and they are accepting applications. What are you passionate about?


Originally published 5/7/13

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