Let There Be Flowers In the Spring

Photo Credit pia jane bijkerk
Let the Sunshine in- or at least the Flowers
I love when spring comes around because I know that the farmer's market is right around the corner and I can get a small bundle of fresh flowers each week. I love this arrangement in beakers via pia jane bijkerk who is located in Amsterdam. 

Photo credit pia jane bijkerk
These hanging plants from String Gardens in the Netherlands intrigue me. While I wouldn't have space in my home for a whole tree, even though it is gorgeous, I think I could find a spot in my house or one. Maybe hanging in the shower. 

@pompon.nl photography: www.annedokter.com

Photo via String Garden
Thankfully the ladies of ForĂȘt Design shared how to make a pot-less plant over on Design*Sponge.  
Photo via Design*Sponge

I was thinking maybe a chocolate mint geranium, because I love the scent. Oh, or lavender, which brings me right back to those hot days in Spain where the scent of lavender was heavy in the air. Images via String Gardens.

What little bit of greenery would you like to hang in your home?


Originally Published 4/23/13

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