League of Awesome Possibilities

In August I went to the 'Possibility Potluck' hosted by the League of Awesome Possibilities. It was a community meeting to reinvigorate the Lawrence corridor between Ashland and Damen. I admit I went to scope out a space for Meandering Design, but it does not quite suit our needs. Regardless, I met some amazing neighbors and business owners in the area. 

I also connected with Melanie Kahl who is the visionary behind the League of Awesome Possibilities. We chatted a bit about what Meandering Design does and she asked me to take some textile samples and make a banner for the league. 

I managed to get a banner done in time for the Ravenswood Art Walk.

Banner number one
 While it was a lovely banner made out of upcycled materials I always wanted to make one to reflect how fantabulous the League is.

Et voila!

Considering I have completely illegible handwriting I did a pretty good job making my own stencils!

Originally published 11/11/13

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