I want to 'blank' before I die

At Lillstreet Art Center Image via Center Square Journal

Before I die...

Much like the transformation of the town Tirana in Albania, a coat of paint can change how people use a public space. Candy Chang who is a Ted Senior Fellow decided to transform an abandoned house in New Orleans into a space for people to share their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Chalkboard paint and the statement "Before I Die..." provided a place for people to write down what they want to do in life. In her Ted talk Chang states, "[A community chalkboard is] about knowing you're not alone. It's about understanding our neighbors in new and enlightening ways."

Lillstreet Art Center here in Chicago painted a chalkboard on the wall of their building and it had a brilliant effect. I was taking drawing classes at Lillstreet and I remember walking by, slowing down and pausing for a moment to gather up some inspiration to take with me. Seeing the very personal wishes and goals that people had written made me feel like we all have dreams and sometimes it takes sharing those dreams to make it a reality.

Before I Die I will live a part of each day following my dreams.

What will you do?


Originally Published 6/7/13

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