I need books like a vampire needs blood

I need books. They have been my constant companion on this journey called life. I carry a book with me always and I squeeze a couple of minutes of reading in every chance I get. I have had a Kindle for many many years and I do enjoy it because I can carry my whole library with me. Yet, I am still drawn to the need to have a book in my hand. 
My go to when I want a book is Amazon because it is cheap and delivery is quick, etc., etc. Except a couple of things happened recently which make me want to change my book buying habits. 1) I went to an amazing bookstore in Logan Square called City Lit Books. I had forgotten that feeling of wandering a bookstore and finding things you normally wouldn't see. 2) I found out that Powell's books on Lincoln Ave is closing. That broke my heart a little. 
At some point we do have to make decisions that have an impact on our community and where we buy books is important. As of today I am choosing to support the local independent booksellers in my neighborhood. I will no longer buy my books on Amazon. I am going to do this through the end of the year and then hopefully I will renew that vow. If you can't afford to buy books then check out the library. They don't always have the books I want, but they have quite a few of them.
I'm lucky because I live close to two fabulous book stores- Women & Children First (plus they sell ebooks on their website) in Andersonville and The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. Both of these stores also have fabulous events. 
Help me compile a list of bookstores throughout the city. What is your favorite neighborhood bookstore and what are you reading today? 

Originally published 5/15/14

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