I lost my style

Upcycled skirt made by Meandering Design. Photo credit Kandy Christensen, iPhone

I Lost My Style- or How Kandy Got Her Groove Back

I realized recently that I represent Meandering Design when I am out and about and at events, except lately I've been looking like a house frau. I have a quirky sense of style that mixes vintage and contemporary clothing together, much like my interior design style. 

Yet, over the last couple of years I gained weight and my sense of style disappeared. It didn't make sense to me to buy new clothes, because I had clothes, they just didn't fit. I have 3 different sets of wardrobes and all of this stuff is weighing on me-bad pun intended. 

The first step was to fix my hair because I get hair cuts very infrequently and it was a mess. Thankfully my friend Kourtney did an amazing job. The next step was to dye it, which I managed to do pretty well on my own. I love being a redhead, but sadly I am a dishwater blonde. 

I adore wearing my chucks and would gladly wear them all summer, but I needed a pair of summer sandals. Most everything I found was very bohemian, and that is just not me. Thankfully the gentleman at Alamo shoes (highly recommend them) found me the perfect pair. I left the store and immediately went and got a pedicure. 

I am slowly working on my wardrobe. The picture above is a lovely maxi skirt I made out of a 1950's duvet cover. A friend gave me some clothing and so now I have a couple of shirts that fit. I am working on drafting a pattern for a shirt so I can make a couple more summer dress shirts. 

For those of you who know me, you will recognize how low my style-o-meter had fallen because I wasn't even wearing my rings. My rings are like a part of my identity. So, I've put them back on and I've been wearing other jewelry as well. I have a lovely collection of jewelry that has either been found on my excursions and travels or given to me by friends. 

Finally, I've started wearing lipstick again. That is another one of those things that I used to 'always' do. 

While I've listed primarily changes to my facade, those changes have started making me feel better about myself. That and this beautiful weather which makes me want to go for a bike ride will lead me towards making healthy choices once again. 

Also, if you need to update your wardrobe come to Wardrobe Revamp on September 3rd at the Chicago Glass Collective. 


Originally published 7/30/13

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