How We Met

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Doc Martens and Tofu-or how we met

Back in 1996 when I was wearing oversized men's dress shirts, which my boss would constantly roll up the sleeves of because it annoyed her when they hung over my fingers, jean shorts, tights and oxblood Doc Martens, I met Sheska. We worked together at a social science research lab in DeKalb, Il.   My boyfriend of 7 years had just broken up with me and moved out. To say I was a mess would be putting it mildly. I couldn't eat and I couldn't sleep. I was talking to someone at work about my lack of appetite and Krusheska overheard. She scoffed and said 'you are coming home with me for dinner tonight'. That was it. She took me home and cooked me tofu and that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

We have been friends now for seventeen years through multiple time zones, different continents, different relationships-some of which have come and gone, and yet we are still friends. Sometimes we are way too similar in temperament. We both get cranky when we are hungry, don't get our way, have to talk to people (especially in the mornings), are tired, thirsty, or when people don't understand that we are right and they are wrong. We are both a bit too impatient. On the flip side we are both highly intelligent, curious, innovative, creative, compassionate, and great hosts. Once you are our friend, you are our friend for life. Except, if you don't feed us, then all bets are off.

Sheska is much more analytical then I am, and often more logical. When she creates something new to sew she views it as a game of tetris. I am completely envious of her spatial ability and the way she can put things together. She views life as a puzzle to be figured out. If I am ever trapped on a deserted island I want her there because she has impressive MacGyver skills. Due to her influence I now carry a Swiss Army knife- just in case. 

Today she is in Vancouver and I am in Chicago. Some times we don't see eye to eye, but that is a good thing. As I stated in our About Us page-
Together Kandy and Sheska make up Meandering Design. An engaging clash of victorian and modern, romantic and industrial, and luddite and technophile. These two individual design styles create a harmonious tension within Meandering Design. Regardless of style both designers are influenced by their need to repurpose items and give them a new life, along with a new story, and by a profound respect for good design.
Here's to another 17 years of creating together. 


Originally Published 3/5/13

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