How To Tame Your To Do List

If only every to do list could be this lovely

Going along with last week's blog post about a stress free holiday, today I am going to talk about the 'to do' list. The reality is when you are are running a business your home and work life bleed together. Most days that does not bother me, except for when the to do list in my brain becomes just too much.

I often listen to podcasts and Marie Forleo is in the rotation because she is informative and entertaining. When I saw the video workshop 'How to Deal with Overwhelm' I was too overwhelmed to watch it. Oh the irony. I boomeranged it back to myself each week until finally a month later I sat down and watched it.
It was so simple, but brilliant. I suggest you watch it but the first step was to set an alarm for ten minutes and just write down every to do item in your head. I dumped everything on to sheets of paper. The next steps are extremely helpful so watch the video, but getting everything out of my head made space for creativity to flourish.

The next thing that happened was even more amazing. I started crossing things off of my to do list. I got through a mountain of to dos because I could spend time doing things instead of wasting energy thinking about what I needed to do.

When you start to get too overwhelmed watch Marie Forleo's video and get on with making awesome stuff happen.

Originally published 12/24/13

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