How to cozy up your home for fall

The nights are longer and getting colder here in Chicago. I find myself wanting to hit snooze a couple extra times in the mornings. As the weather transitions so should our homes. Here are a couple of things to do when the frost starts coating the windows.

  • Change the air filter on your furnace. Those things get nasty. Changing the filter helps with the quality of air in your house and keeps the furnace running better. 
  • Clean the house. While everyone typically thinks of spring cleaning, the changing of the seasons are a good indication that it's time to do a deeper cleaning.
  • Change your curtains. Some people have a whole different winter color scheme and they change out everything. If that makes you happy then go for it. I keep the colors the same, but I do change my light sheer curtains out for heavy lined curtains. I have energy efficient windows but you can still feel the cold through them. Drawing the curtains at night helps keep out prying eyes while keeping in the heat. 
  • Add a cozy throw to the couch. Anything from Faribault Woolen Mill Co. would do the trick. They have a ton of great blankets and it is an American company that has been in operation since 1865. 
  • Light your candles. I always have candles around the house but I feel like I save them for special occasions. Well, I'm special darn it. So, light those candles. Look for scented candles that are spicy or woodsy for the fall and winter months. Jayson Home has a great selection of candles, including Tatine candles, which are made here in Chicago. Her candles are long lasting and the scents are very natural and delightful. 
  • Cook. I find myself gravitating to the kitchen more as the weather turns. With falls bounty there are so many veggie options available to make hearty stews and soups. If you are looking for some fall recipes Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite food bloggers and she even has her recipe's indexed by season. 
  • Invite people over. Now that you've cleaned the house, added some softness, lit the candles and tried some new recipes, it's time to invite people over to enjoy your revitalized space. 

Image via Claire DelMar

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Top image via Huffington Post

Originally published 10/22/14

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