Happy One Year Anniversary

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Happy One Year Anniversary to Meandering Design

What a difference a year makes. Last spring I was dragging myself to events because I was home sewing alone and found I needed to get out of the house and meet people. Now, a year later, I've met some incredible, amazing and supportive people. I've been constantly shocked by the level of collaboration and support that I have received from fellow makers and entrepreneurs. I've joined a community that champions each other and it has changed my life. In fact the support of that community is what made me believe I could open Meandering Design. Last April was my first blog post and then June 12th I announced that the shop was open.

When Meandering Design first opened it was just me and the only plan I had was to sew stuff. Then I realized that my beliefs and feelings about over-consumption and shoddily made clothes impacted how I wanted things to be made and so Meandering Design makes things out of vintage and thrift store finds. Now, people give things to me to upcycle, they hand off their old fabric and other designers give me their scraps.
Items available in The Store
Then in October of last year Sheska joined Meandering Design. It has been fabulous to have a fellow collaborator, conspirator and maker of goods. We both share the same values and belief system, which makes our partnership quite strong. We differ on design, which is great, because Meandering Design is meant for everyone, not just ladies who like to lunch and wear pretty skirts while doing it! I think this line from our About Us page sums it up just right-

Together Kandy and Sheska make up Meandering Design. An engaging clash of victorian and modern, romantic and industrial and Luddite and technophile. These two individual design styles create a harmonious tension within Meandering Design. Regardless of style both designers are influenced by their need to repurpose items and give them a new life, along with a new story, and by a profound respect for good design. 
Bags available in The Store

Over the last year the emphasis has moved from just us remaking things and saving them from the garbage pile to teaching others how to do it themselves. I have had so much fun teaching Wardrobe Revamp to Dabblers.The people I have taught have been so incredibly witty, smart and fun to hang out with. Thanks to the word getting out I've been teaching sewing lessons to people of all different skill levels. I've also had people come over and hang out and get their craft on during Studio Time. I've also started teaching classes at One Strange Bird, which has so many fun arts and crafts classes available.

We want to take things to the next level and open up "Forty-Two at Meandering Design". Our dream is to create a space for people to play, make and learn. A coworking space that would give makers the space to run their business and also be noisy and make.

Mood Board for Forty-Two

In the meantime we will keep making, sewing, teaching and learning. I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring.


P.S. Tomorrow is National Sewing Machine Day. Have you hugged your machine lately ;)

Originally Published 6/10/13

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