Sheska measuring out fabric from the Needleshop to make a bag

A large part of Meandering Design's mission is to support makers and the handmade movement. Etsy has changed their definition of handmade and now allows "sellers to hire staff, have someone else ship their goods, and apply to sell items they produce with manufacturing partners." While I understand that the change is good for some designers and I think it is wonderful that some local independent businesses have been able to grow their business and hire staff, those changes mean that the Etsy platform is not only for handmade goods. 

I have struggled with pricing, especially when I compare my prices to other items on Etsy. Even without this change it was quite apparent that there were manufactured goods being sold on Etsy. Etsy was having a difficult time policing these items and now that they have broadened their definition of handmade it is not possible for Meandering Design to compete with those prices. 

Sheska and I have made the decision to pull our handmade items from our Etsy shop. It was a decision that we made after much research and many discussions. It is important to us to support handmade and we feel that we cannot support Etsy's decision. 

You can find our items listed for sale on our website.

If you are interested in learning how to do it yourself drop us a line to set up a lesson or come to Wardrobe Revamp. If you are interested in interior design check out our upcoming Dabble classes.  

Originally published 11/3/13

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