Handmade goodness

Last weekend I went to Show of Hands at the Ravenswood Event Center and there was so much handmade goodness. There was a great selection of vendors and it was hard not to buy everything in sight. 

While I can't post a couple of items because they are Christmas gifts I'll show you the presents I bought for myself. 

First up from Red-Belly is this fabulous felt iPad case. I loved the case so much I had to go get an iPad! I also highly recommend Red-Belly because her goods are great for men or women. 

Next up is Allegory which makes beautiful writing implements. 

When I was first looking at their pens and pencils I really liked the weight of the pencil and the wood was beautiful. I love to write in pencil, but it was a thick pencil lead. Then she told me that in the top of the pencil was a sharpener and I was sold. Writing with this pencil is a joy. 

When I first saw Four Chamber Forge's knives I was instantly drawn to them. The beauty of the wood handle and the hand carved wood holder was exquisite. Burkey is a talented artisan and he was a chef so he knows how to create knives that function well and feel good in your hand. This is the type of knife that gets passed down to the next generation. 

Why do I shop handmade? I shop handmade to support the fabulous makers in our community. I shop handmade because I believe that the work they are doing is important and contributes to the health of our planet and the health of our communities. I shop handmade because there is no other way to find the gorgeous and utilitarian treasures that I acquire. I shop handmade because I refuse to bring something into my home that is not beautiful. 

Originally published 12/3/13 

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