Friday Inspiration

Photo by bradhoc titled Buoys Waiting*
Here's what I have learned about starting a business; Following your dreams is hard. Believing in yourself as people wonder what in the heck are you doing is challenging and makes you doubt yourself. Learning to run a business is really hard and hey guess what you are going to screw up- a lot.

Yet, at the end of the day when I go to bed I know that I am building my dream piece by hard won piece. Each encounter I have leads to another piece of the puzzle. So, yeah, there are puppies and kittens.

Then there is the guilt. I often feel like I am failing my family and friends because, well, I've got a lot on my plate. Oh and believe me I know that I have chosen this path to work full time and run Meandering Design on the side. I also know that I am seriously blessed in the friend department and so grateful to the amazing people who support me in whatever crazy endeavor I embark on. Yet, sometimes I have to say no and that there is super hard.

"Guilt is part of the deal...The guilt of following your heart is a weight you can bear if your dream is strong enough. It's the price of admission to fulfillment". 
I think I am going to bear the weight of this guilt because my dream is strong and kind of awesome. Thank you all for coming along on the journey. 

*I saw the photo above, taken in the loop in Chicago along the lake, on Flickr and the title of it struck me. Buoys Waiting reminds me of that time right before sailing season begins when everything is ready to go in the water, but you are waiting for that one beautiful sunny Chicago day...Oh the anticipation. 


Originally Published 4/17/13

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