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Vintage photographs of Paris. Sigh

Jardin des Invalides 1909
I adore Paris. My slight obsession began years ago and all my life I wanted to go to Paris. It was one of those trips that was meant to be romantic and so I waited. Ten years passed and I was still waiting and so I decided this was ridiculous and I went by myself. I am so grateful that I did. I know that I will return some day, in fact part of my Mighty Life List is to spend a month in France.

Jardins du Trocadéro - 1920
My friend Judith posted this link that lead to these delightful rare photos of Paris. What makes them so fascinating is they show this gorgeous and luxe side of Paris that is magical and mystifying. It almost seems like something out of the movie Hugo, or Cinema Paradiso.

Exposition au Grand Palais - 1909
Yet, at the same time you catch glimpses of the Paris of today. For example the photo below is of Rue de Birague and it leads into Place des Vosges, where I spent a lot of my time while in Paris. It looks almost exactly the same today. In fact you can see a picture of it hanging in my living room.

Rue de Birague / Pavillon au Roi

Rue Saint Honoré / Rue de la Sourdière
I took rolls upon rolls of black and white film while I was in Paris, but unfortunately that film was lost. It breaks my heart a bit to this day. My only hope is that someone will find that film and catch a glimpse of how I viewed Paris through my vintage camera.


P.S. I posted this a little early because I am taking Friday off.

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Originally Posted 2/21/13

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