Friday Inspiration- Mini Vacay

A trip to the Twin Cities to see a friend and find some Marimekko

I went to visit my friend Pat who lives in St. Paul and is writing her dissertation for her doctoral degree in English from University of Minnesota (she's quite smart). I am lucky to have such amazing friends in my life- you know the ones that you can pick up after not seeing or talking to them for a year and it is just like yesterday.

Pat had already planned out our itinerary which involved going to Finn Style because they have Marimekko. It's like a Scandinavian pilgrimage. I'm quite impressed that I didn't walk in and squee. I did have many 'oh shiny' moments though and it was hard to concentrate on just one thing. I did manage to rein myself in and I bought some fabric and a pair of Marimekko Converse high tops. She also took me to the Textile Center and after seeing their goods for sale and the looms I said "I need a loom, wait I need to spin thread, wait I need a sheep". We'll see what happens

We also went to church on Sunday. Pat's church was designed by Sarinaan and I devoted a whole blog entry to the space. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out. We spent quite a bit of time in coffee shops. It's lovely to spend time with a fellow introvert who does not feel the need to chatter on all the time! We also went to Merlin's Rest Pub which has really good food (including vegetarian options) and trivia. We almost won, but apparently Pat is not very good at doing a half-nelson. We tied for first, but alas we lost.

It was delightful to have a long weekend away. I think I often get bogged down in the day-to-day and I don't lift my head up and see that there is this wide world out there waiting to be explored. If you do not have the opportunity to take a full vacation, then think about a mini-vacay- a long weekend at a neighboring town, a day trip out to the country to pick berries, an afternoon spent at your local coffee shop, or even a different route to a familiar place. Who knows what you'll find.


Originally Published 5/16/13

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