Feeling a little too holey

I feel like I've been saying that Spring will come soon for months now. Yeah, not so much. In the meantime I am still wearing sweaters and I know that come Summer I'll still need a sweater in the office. My sweaters keep getting holes right by the pocket on the front, even though I don't use the pocket. I don't want to just throw them away so I've started patching them. 
There are two schools of thought when patching an item: 1) hide it or 2) embrace the funky patch. I tend to fall into the latter camp and like to add a bit of pizazz. It's kind of like a furrier version of bedazzling a sweater. I have not, nor will I ever own a bedazzler, but sometimes I think in my secret heart I want to bedazzle the world. 
Here are the tools you will need:
1 sad sweater
1 piece of styrofoam or a felting base (mine has bristles, but I've seen them with foam)
Wads of felt
1 felting needle
I bought my kit at Windy Knitty in Andersonville. You do not have to have a felting base, which is what you poke the needle into. A piece of styrofoam will do just as well. The needle is wicked sharp and barbed so a) don't poke yourself and b) use something like styrofoam under your project or else you'll gouge the heck out of your table.
Step one- lay the holey part of your sweater over the styrofoam.
Step two-grab some felt. My hole was about a dime size and so I grabbed felt that was also about nickel sized.
Step three- lay the felt over the hole and arrange it close to the shape you want it in. Start poking. Keep poking until the felt lays flat and there are no stray hairs. Yeah- that's it. The needle agitates the fibers and sticks them together. 
Step four- start looking around for other things to felt. 

Originally published 3/24/14

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