Father's Day

Orange Beautiful Father's Day Card
Father's Day is around the corner. I want to acknowledge that not all of us celebrate Father's Day, Sheska noted that for some people Mother's Day is a challenging day. For some of us, myself included, Father's Day is difficult. So, take this time to celebrate Father's Day, or celebrate someone who has been a friend and mentor to you, or that special someone who helps you out in a pinch.
Etsy has some great gift guides available for Father's Day. This one has some great options including cuff linksmustache broochsleep mask and journal.

I would also highly recommend the messenger bags that Sheska has made for Meandering Design shop. I know that her father and brother would agree because she has made bags for them as well. 'La de dos', La de quatro' and 'Minimal Tech' are all made to be stylish, yet simple, and within each one there are specific pockets to stash things so they are easily accessible. 
Sheska also accepts custom commissions, unfortunately, Father's Day will come to soon to get the bag to you on time for the holiday, but drop us a line if you are interested. 
I would also suggest you take a peek at the cards from Orange Beautiful. I love that there is a Happy Grandfather's Day card as well! 

Originally published 6/4/13

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