Fall Fashion

Taking a break from interiors today to talk about my very favorite season- Fall. I adore wearing tights and wool skirts (one would think I was a Catholic school girl!). Finally being able to wear boots and have campfires with s'mores makes me happy...I may have just gotten a little carried away!

First up we have a lovely cape made out of upcycled materials and handcrafted by me. It's perfect for days like today that are warm enough that you don't need a coat, but there's still a bit of chill in the air. 
This 40's Wool Dress from Lost Girls Vintage is stunning and while it is vintage it doesn't feel dated. 

I would recommend pairing the dress with these tights from Sock Dreams and you will be super stylish. While the tights may seem a little risque, when worn with a relatively conservative dress they become much more appropriate for the office. 

I admit that every fall I start perusing what Sock Dreams has available. 
I think you could finish this outfit off with a pair of the short boots that are so 'in' this season. 

Lost Girls Vintage has only a part of their vast array of goods in their online shop. I highly recommend that you stalk them on Instagram or Facebook to see where they are going to pop up next. 

As an aside, if you are looking for vintage cowboy boots definitely find out where Lost Girls are going to be popping up. They have a fabulous selection available. 

Giant Party Vintage is another Chicago seller who has an awesome late 70's/early 80's vibe going on. Follow her on Instagram where she posts new finds.  

This teal blazer paired with the grey shirt is really cool. I think it would look great with a pair of boyfriend jeans. A little bit dressy mixed with a little bit casual. 

While the evenings are cool the days and the days are still warm, I recommend this lovely dress paired with a sweet granny sweater, oh and maybe tights

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What are your go to's when the season changes? I've got a capelet I've been wearing for years and a pair of brown boots that I keep getting resoled.

Originally Published 9/23/14

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