Don't forget to stretch

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Tristan Ferne
Don't forget to stretch. I mean it! I am still recuperating from a marathon crochet session last December. I was using a new large crochet hook and using upcycled jersey strips to make a rug and I was so excited that I didn't stop for three hours. Afterwards I noticed I was sore. Cut to four months later and my shoulder is still mucked up. It's getting better, but all of those hours of repetitive motion caused me quite a bit of pain. I've been seeing an acupuncturist and that has helped immensely. I also put heat on it at night when it is sore. 
Lately I've been better at stopping every twenty minutes and stretching. It makes a huge difference, especially when I am doing repetitive close work like hand quilting or crocheting. 
Take care of yourself-
First check your posture while you are working. 
Make sure you take breaks. 
Next do some stretching. Here are two stretching routines from the book "Stretching" by Bob Anderson which you can use as references (click on the images to print full page versions). Remember to breath while stretching and do not over do it! The stretches are not meant to add pain but to release it.


For more detailed information about how to take care of yourself while crafting check out a previous post that we wrote on the topic. 

I've learned my lesson and I will definitely continue stretching while I am crafting. 
Now on to quilting. 

Originally published 5/5/14 

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