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I must start this post by awknowledging that not everybody grew up with their mom- not everybody's mom is alive, not everybody gets along with their mom, and well, some people celebrate mother's day once a year, others celebrate their mothers every day, and there are those who do not celebrate it at all. With that said, this post is about ideas, about hand made crafts that you can make for important people in your live... and yes, for yourself as well.

The first idea is succulent wall art. Succulent plants are quite easy to mantain and to make this project, you get to use wood and tools which is a bonus if you ask me. Places like Rebuild Exchange in Chicago and the Tool Library in Vancouver, have workshops, materials and the tools available for you to give this project a go. Here is a really good instructables on how to build your own succulent master piece.

If you have any pieces of yarn leftover from big crochet/knitting projects, here is a cool instructable on how to make a crocheted necklace.

A good and usually well received present are cookies. There are so many kinds and recipes. Now, if you are not into baking, yet want to put a bit of your craftiness into the present, why not buy cookies from a local baker and then wrap the cookies yourself? Here are some really creatives ideas on how to package cookies for gift giving.

This next handmade project really called my attention because I like sunflowers (I like them a lot!) and because it is both a card and a decoration.

Another project that will last, and hopefully get used often is a printed t-shirt. The thought of silkscreen printing a t-shirt may sound time consuming and/or expensive, yet it does not have to be. Here is a collection of instructables on easy and cheap silkscreening techniques and ideas that I curated a bit ago.

If you are making the gift for someone who likes to write, perhaps a small journal would be the way to go. Here is a really neat tutorial by Ashley of The Creative Place.

I found out that the Huffington Post has a "craft of the day" slide show on their website. It has a lot of neat ideas and links to the original sites. You can find the slide show here

So there you have it! Many crafty and DIY ideas for gifts to give away this coming weekend and on any other day.

Originally published 5/8/13

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