Dark and stormy interiors

Today let's look at pretty pictures that suit my mood. The above space from EST Magazine via sfgirlbybay has so many lovely shades of grey. I think what makes this space work is the lighter gallery wall, the different textures and the hints of nature. 

This house in Mexico pays homage to the homes history but adds it's own contemporary twist. Plus that wall color and the print on it are simply stunning. 

This next room, via French By Design,  also has a very traditional feel, but it is lightened up considerably with the modern furnishings and that amazing art. The rug and sheepskin are cosy and inviting and help balance out the dark paint on the wall.  

The following room is not nearly as glamorous and styled as some of the others, but it is the one that makes my heart go pitter pat. It's a lovely space full of collected and eccentric finds. That chaise makes me want to curl up with a book. 

Oh how I wish I had a room with tall ceilings and windows and where I could place my Victorian couch. In the meantime I'll steal that paint color, which is very similar to the color in my bedroom. Image via decor8.

I like that the room below mixes grey and brown, which is similar to what I've done in my living room. I find the two colors pair well together. Plus that mirror is simply stunning. Also via decor8.

If you are too afraid to commit to the darkness then paint one wall. Via sfgirlbybay

If I could paint the walls in my living room I'd definitely be looking at these pictures for inspiration. In the meantime I'll bring dark color in through pillows, rugs and throws. 

Originally published 10/9/14

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