Creative Well

The Well- photo credit Chris Parfitt
What do you do when the creative well runs dry?

I was sitting here staring at the blank screen and I almost stepped away from the computer, except I miss writing for the blog. So, I just started writing.

I've been doing some behind the scenes stuff for Meandering Design, including some networking which may lead to interesting possibilities. I've also been playing with fabric and drafting some patterns. I have been sewing and pulling out fabric that will be great for fall (even though today in Chicago it feels like fall!).

It seems my creativity can either run along one path or the other. I can either network, sew or write, yet doing all three at the same time saps my energy.

For today I'm going with the flow and so things may be quiet here on the blog while I whip up some things to sell at some of the upcoming markets we'll be at and explore those possibilities.

What do you do when your creative well runs dry?

Originally published 8/13/13

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