Buying Local in Andersonville

Swedish Water Tower photo credit Alex Stewart
I shop locally for so many reasons. I feel a need to support fellow makers and I also believe in supporting my community. When communities resist big-box stores they make an investment in their neighborhood. As you can see from the infographic a local business contributes money to their area, while a store that comes in sends its profits out. 
Infographic via Local First
Somebody mentioned recently that shopping in Andersonville is pricy, but there are some shops that have a great selection at decent prices. I'd also caution that sometimes shopping local can be pricier, but that is because you are getting quality items, including things made from real wood. Spending the afternoon in Andersonville is the perfect Sunday outing. You can spend the day shopping and stop and grab a beer and food from a couple of my favorite places; Hop LeafLady Gregory's or Jerry's.

Andersonville Galleria- has a wonderfully curated collection of local makers. You can find everything here from art, jewelry, clothing, bath products and home goods. There are so many unique options. This is the first place I stop when I am looking for a gift for someone. 
Brown Elephant- You can find Brown Elephant resale shops throughout the city. The Andersonville location has a wide variety of furnishings and home goods at really good prices. 
Brownstone Antiques and Collectibles in Andersonville. This place requires patience because you have to sort through stuff but they have a great range of different antiques and the prices are the best in the city.
Brimfield- Is a cross between a camp ground or a Victorian hunting lodge. Either way there are some great treasures. Their prices are a little bit on the higher side.
Scout- They always have something interesting and quite honestly their stuff makes my heart go pitter pat. 
Roost- has a great collection of all different eras and types of things. They have a separate room just for dishware and barware.
Women & Children First Bookstore- I would say this is one of the best bookstores in the city. The staff are extemely knowledgeable, they have an amazing selection of books and they host seriously fabulous authors. I also highly recommend them if you are looking for any children's books. I love that they have such a diverse selection available of beautiful books. Can you tell I really like this place!
Wooly Mammoth- if you are looking for the bizarre (taxidermied giraffe anyone) then this is the place to go.
One of my very favorite shops, Haymaker Market, closed recently because the rent increased so high that it wasn't feasible to keep the shop open. The shop championed an amazing selection of locally designed and produced home goods. Plus the owner made awesome reclaimed furniture. The neighborhood lost a great resource. 
Go shopping! 
On a side note, the water tower above the Swedish Museum froze this winter and had to be removed. It is an iconic view in Andersonville. Tonight there is an event to help restore the water tower to its  rightful place. If you can't make the event then please donate
If you want a more complete list of shopping resources in the city and some of my favorite day trips then come to Interior Design 101
Let me know what your favorite local shops are. 

Originally published 4/6/14

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