Bits and Bobs

I was going to do a blog post on how to style a coffee table, but my camera battery won't work and I can't get the pictures off of my camera. I've got tons of ideas and pictures to take and my 50 mm lens is not working. I'm trying to transfer over to a new website platform, but I haven't figure out how to transfer my blog over yet. 

I'm not sure if was because I had a busy week or I just needed to avoid all the things that weren't working, but I took a nap on Sunday. I did not get the things I wanted to get done this week, but sometimes stepping away from the problems means you can move forward later. 

I'm hoping to get my camera working again. Finger's crossed. It's kind of an integral part of what I do. I have some amazing vintage finds that I need to shoot and list, including a gorgeous rug. I really need to list the rug and sell it before I decide to keep it! 

The picture is a close up of the cloche on my coffee table and in it are items I found laying around my home. The round cardboard item is a spool from some vintage French ribbon that I couldn't throw away and now it's found a resting place. The sweet embroidered pin is from a shop off the beaten path in Istanbul. The 'dream' rock was a gift from my life coach. Now I just need to go make my dreams a reality! 

Here's hoping that this week is more productive. 

Originally published 9/22/14

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