Awesome books about bags

Really Awesome Books About Bags

While doing some research about bags, I came across many many books. Here is a curated list that covers collections of bags, tutorials on how to sew bags and ends with a great book about textiles. You'll find a bit of history, culture, design, technique and inspiration to get you sewing some great bags. 

  • Cultural History and Influence of Bags-

    • Ok, you really, really have to check out this book. If you love bags, love to sew bags, or just like to check out the iconic designs that in one way or another impacted the world of design, this a book not to be missed.
    • Bags: A Selection from the Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam by Sigrid Ivo
    • Handbags: The Making of a Museum by Judith Clark (Editor), Claire Wilcox, Adam Phillips, Amy de la Haye, Caroline Evans

      The two books above, Bags and Handbags, present bag collections curated by design museums. These books explore human cultures' influence in the creation of bags through the eyes of the desing world. They also present a chronology of not just the bag design, but also how history dignates in many instances the use and form of bags.
    • This little book packs in a lot of great photos and information. Although 'handbags' seem to be focused on the women's market, there are several bags here that can be modified to appeal to others.

So there you have it! A handful of books to browse through, get ideas and well, learn from. Share with us the titles of your favorite books and photos of the bags that you design and make! We look forward to having an awesome reference library at 42 and make it available to all of you.


Originally published 7/11/13

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