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Last year was a year of learning for Meandering Design and I. I was learning the basics of how to run a business, how to do social marketing, how to use indesign and create publications, how to draft patterns, give talks, and network. All of this was done through reading books and blogs, and taking SkillshareDabbleIAEOU and Story Studio classes. I went to talks, networking events and conferences: Entrepreneurs UnplggdIgnitePotluck and Camp Mighty. I just kept showing up and I was like a sponge trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

I started out this year with a list of learning and then I realized I needed to abandon that as a priority. I was so stuck in learning that I wasn't creating and doing. I put that list aside and instead started a to do list. I recognized that while I have a small business and limited funding that I need to start reaching out, asking for help and relying on other people's expertise. For me, that is a radical mind shift.

First step was to ask for help on structuring the administration and business aspect of Meandering Design. As part of that plan I got a business coach, Benjamin Turbow (who is fantastic). While we are focusing on businessy things like budgets, we are also talking about class offerings, things to make and pricing. That last one is hard and Ben helped talk me through determining how much my time, experience and expertise is worth.Oh and hey guess what? I'm worth it. Confession time- I had to email Ben the other day because I was debating lowering my prices, but then he talked me down from the ledge. 

Sometimes you just have to believe in the woo hoo, because once I finally admitted I needed assistance and external input I received an amazing opportunity to chat with AJ Leon from misfit, inc. (he also writes at Pursuit of Everything). We are talking about my goals for Meandering Design, as well as how to move forward to achieve those goals. 

Part of the plan is to start blogging again. Excuse my prolonged absence, but come March there will be interviews with makers, DIY tutorials and much much more. I will see you soon.

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