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Today's inspiration is so very simple, and yet so very complex- Be You! For a daily dose of inspiration be sure to follow Be You on Facebook. Their mission is to inspire "people to think outside of the box, to experience new adventures, and to live a fulfilling life while adhering to the things they love".

Last week I mentioned that there was something new and exciting coming to Meandering Design. Be You and Meandering Design are collaborating on a course about the intersection of life, happiness and creativity.  I'm very excited to work with Diana and Christina from Be You. 

Creating something by hand can sometimes teach us to access the other side of our brain. When we create something we create an object that is imbued with our intentions, desires and care. Last night as I was teaching a sewing class someone commented that sewing was very meditative. Sometimes working with our hands gets us out of our heads. 

We plan on hosting the course in April. As soon as we have the date and location secured we will let you know. 


Originally Published 3/8/13

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