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What a difference one week makes. Thank you everyone for checking in with me and sharing your stories. I also found out I have a pretty steep vitamin D deficiency, which helps provide a physical reason for my constant state of feeling tired and down.

I wanted to share what I did with you last week because a) holy batman goodness does Chicago have a lot of awesome stuff going on and b) because I like to step outside of my comfort zone. In fact Sheska and I are working on writing a manifesto for Meandering Design (I adore manifesto's) and Sheska wrote "we are committed to personal and professional growth". That is so very true, yet I edited it to read "we believe in personal and professional growth especially the kind that scares the crap out of us".

First up Monday night was a Crave chat at Creative Coworking in Evanston. The panel was a phenomenal group of women who worked in so many different fields and all managed to smartly bring a green approach to their work. I think the biggest takeaway was that being green is, not just good for the planet, but it is also often good for the bottom line. I have to confess I was slightly geeked to meet Stephanie Davies from Urban Worm Girl (tee hee). The panel included our moderator Stephanie Katsaros, founder, Bright Beat, Helen Cameron, co-owner, Uncommon Ground, Nancy Goldstein, founder, Compass(x) Strategy, Katherine Darnstadt, founder, LATENT DESIGN, and Stephanie Davies, co-founder, Urban Worm Girl L3CBelow photo is  from amy boyle photography- check out her work. 
Wednesday I went to Powell's bookstore (best bookstore ever) to see Guts & Glory with some friends from Fear Experiment. Gapersblock did a great write up on the event. Keith Ecker and Samantha Irby are freaking incredible story tellers and they have curated an evening that makes you want to laugh, vomit, cry and go home and write poetry.
Photo via Gapersblock
Thursday night was painting with fellow coworkers at a Bottle and Bottega event. This is such a laid back low pressure way to paint and I loved it. I kind of played with it and while everyone else followed the picture we were copying I changed the color from blue to orange. I'm a rebel that way. Did I mention you get to drink wine while you paint. 

Friday night I swung by the Cornelia Arts Building to see some art and visit my friend Doug Birkenheuer who made me beautiful art.  

Photo credit Birkenheuer Photography

Saturday afternoon Amber and Ruby and I had an impromptu Easter egg dyeing party the slightly toxic old fashioned way. Oh PAAS. Nothing like a bit of instant gratification. By the way dyeing Easter eggs is a whole heck of a lot of fun. 

Originally Published 3/26/13

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