A bit of beauty for today

Photo's from Roost Pinterest Board. Photo credit Caitlan Van Horn
Whenever I feel my well of inspiration has run dry I visit Caitlan Van Horn's website Roost for inspiration. Her stunning images tell beautiful stories and are often accompanied by free form writing or poetry. Grab a cup of tea and peruse her blog.
Or if you are looking for just a glimpse into a magical, awe inspiraing, imaginative world then check out her myriad pinterest boards. What I treasure most about Roost's pinterest board is that her boards are set up by evocative words rather then conventional measures. I am constantly delighted by what I find. 
{1-Paper, 2-Whimsy, 3-Held, 4-Texture, 5-Ankle Boots and 6-Ornate}  

Originally published 4/10/14 

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