A Mini Makeover

Any day I have a puppy helping me design a space is a good day. Meet Charlotte a very scruffy friendly puppy. Her owner Kristin called me up to help with the flow in her living room. My apologies for the photos but the sun was setting and it was challenging to get decent photos. 

Basically what we started with was a long line of furniture. The couch was right next to the desk and the coffee table and the chair was kind of off floating in the middle of the room.  

It wasn't very conducive to having intimate conversations. 

Except for my time, this makeover cost $0. I reoriented the couch at an angle. This also helped orient the room a bit better because an armoire in the corner (also at an angle) held the television. Now the TV and couch were facing each other straight on. I moved the chair a bit closer so you could have a conversation. And voila. 

There is still plenty of room to get to the desk. 

Kristin had started cleaning up her mementos and I just helped give it the final polish.  

Kristin told me she had lived in the space for 11 years and never thought to arrange the furniture differently. Charlotte and Kristin are both enjoying their new (to them) digs. 

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