Holiday Gift Guide



So I am like the worst blogger ever (or would that be evah with a valley girl accent?!) because I don't really do holiday gift guides. If you want to go out and buy stuff then go for it. There are tons of holiday gift guides for your man or that special lady. I would say if you need to do some shopping then check out that super cool store in your neighborhood because you never know what you are going to find. 

I am actually trying not to buy things for people this year, but instead to have experiences. For example, I just got two tickets to King Spa to have a lady date with one of my favorite friends. We'll spend the day hanging out in the spa, catching up on life and maybe even taking a nap. Best day evah! 

Dabble has a ton of great classes. I teach Interior Design 101 and it is a fun class to give as a gift. It's also a great class for couples. I've had lots of gentlemen come with their partners. 

Lillstreet is another place that has a ton of amazing classes. They also have some great one day creative retreats. I took a drawing class there and it was a lot of fun. 

Go to the Sunday Dinner Club. They have a rotating menu and often really delicious drink pairings. 

Make a date to explore a new neighborhood in Chicago. Part of what makes this city so fabulous are the different neighborhoods that each have their own flavor. I was down in Bridgeport recently and man did I have fun. 

Make someone brunch or dinner. Or do something for them that they have been putting off because they don't have the time or the skills. Shhh don't tell my grandma but she asked me to make curtains (which I really don't like doing), but since it is the season of giving I'm going to make the curtains. 

Enjoy your holidays. Don't let them take over your life. Here are a few tips to help you make it through the holiday season. 

Are you giving any alternative gifts? 



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