A little bit of magic in the hallway

There is a very tiny passage between my living room and bedroom. On one side is the linen closet and the other is this little nook. The neighbors before me had shelving there and when they yanked it out there were some big holes left behind. 

I bought this metal filing cabinet for $35 a couple years back and it fit here perfectly. It also acts as my coat closet for sweaters and mittens.That is part of my pile of books to read! The radio was my grandfathers and the paper weight was made by me. 

I had ordered these Blik wall decals for the wall behind my bed in my bedroom, but they weren't quite big enough. For this little space they work perfectly. Plus they hide the holes. 

I do apologize that these photos aren't better, but I was pretty much standing on top of the toilet trying to shoot them! Oh the joys of blogging! 

These were pretty easy to put on. I did manage to make a small fold on the first one I put up, but the wall is all janky anyways, so don't pay attention to that one spot. I haven't tried to take them down, but they are supposed to be removable. 

If you have ever contemplated wall decals I highly recommend them. 

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