Day 31 of the Minimalism Game

I was really excited because I cleared almost everything out of this closet! 

I was really excited because I cleared almost everything out of this closet! 

In October I started the Minimalism Game. I may have finished a couple of weeks late, but I did it. I spent 31 days of getting rid of stuff. That is 496 things that left my house. 

Once you start it gets kind of addictive. This couldn't have come at a better time because I was switching my business model and there were some things I just needed to get rid of.

So, where did it all go? I had a lot of clothes, accessories and coats (people give things to me to repurpose). Those all went to charity. There was a pile of vintage items that I've started selling on Etsy. A very small pile of stuff went into the garbage. I have another small pile of things that I need to list to sell on Craigslist. 

Most of the items came from my bedroom (which kind of freaked me out because I had no idea I had so much stuff tucked in that room), a couple of things from the dining room, a set of drawers in my second bedroom and the closet in the second bedroom. 

I'm actually ready to do it again. I still have to clean out my second bedroom, my storage unit and my kitchen. This process really forces you to let things go, which is something I have a hard time doing. 

I think the state of some of the rooms of my house reflects my state of mind, which a couple of months ago was complete chaos. I'm now finally mentally and emotionally able to look at things and clean up the mess. 



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