Onward to the Dining Room

Now that I have the living room finished, well except for maybe reupholstering the couch and painting, it is time to turn my attention to the dining room

Here's what works in the dining room-

  • I have a table that seats eight (yes I do have people over for dinner). 
  • The room gets a lot of natural light
  • I have a fireplace
  • There is awesome art
  • My favorite chair is tucked in the corner
  • It is filled with personal mementos
  • I have a mini 'landing' zone

Here is what is not working in the dining room-

  • It is cluttered and over run by fabric
  • The lighting is horrid
  • The fireplace does not work
  • There is no cohesive color scheme
  • The chairs are broken
  • The rug is too small and one end is unraveling (When I bought the table and rug the table was in a small kitchen and for daily use the leaves were lowered and the table oriented differently on the rug).
  • It's beige (imagine this said with dripping disdain)

This room functions well as both a dining room, entertaining space, and craft space, but it needs a little help. Here is the plan:

  • Declutter
  • Deep Clean
  • Fix the chairs
  • Hang a chandelier (I have a chandelier that a friend's parents gave me)
  • Loop the cords for the hanging pendants
  • Paint the chairs (now they will be one color)
  • Get a new rug (I'm looking at FLOR carpet tiles)
  • Get a fireplace insert 

Hopefully this room won't take me as long as the last one. Stay tuned. 

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