Environmentally Friendly Cleaners


I often talk about the importance of sustainable and humane design and I thought it would be helpful to talk about small changes that can be made that can have an impact on you and your home's health. 

Let's talk about dirt shall we. I have always been scent sensitive and the smell of cleaning products is just horrendous. It also does not help that I have asthma and most cleaning products trigger my asthma. 

My first recommendation is to avoid commercial cleaners as much as possible. My grandmother sent me a newspaper clipping many years ago with a recipe for window cleaner. Fill up a spray bottle about 3/4 of the way with water (I reused a spray bottle that I had- just make sure you label it!), add 1/4 cup of vinegar and 3-5 drops of dish soap. I use this as a general purpose cleaner as well for the kitchen and bathroom. 

For counters, stove tops and sinks I use Bon Ami. It's been around for ever and has only five ingredients.

I do like the Method and Mrs. Myers cleaners. I found a great online shop called Grove Collaborative that has some of my favorite cleaners and other household goods. Full disclosure that is a referral link that will give me a credit when you sign up. I just love how easy it was to use their site and get my things delivered. 

Since I am scent sensitive I shy away from commercial candles and room sprays. Some of my favorite candles can be found at Alapash. I also love Tatine Candles.  I recently discovered a delicious spray made locally in Chicago called Element. I use it as a room spray but they also say you can use it as a body spray. 

Do you have any cleaners or homemade cleaner recipes you can recommend? 

P.S. That picture above is from a weekend I spent in Michigan and I feel like I am always wanting to catch that moment of peace while watching the sun set. Sigh. 

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