Value in Design

Both Sheska and I have found a lot of inspiration from Ted. We decided to start sharing and talking about some of our favorite Ted talks.

Sebastian Deterding gave a Ted Talk called "What Your Designs Say About You". It was quite interesting, because he makes you think about design, not just in the context of good design, but in the context of living the 'good life'.

He raised the following questions-

  • "What are your intentions if you are designing something?" 
  • "What are the effects of what you are doing?" 
  • "What Values do you use to Judge?"
  • "What Visions of the Good Life do your Designs Convey?"

Sebastian Deterding stated"[Designs] have a moral component just in the vision of 'the good life' that they present to us."

He used the example of the panels in cars that report how much gas is used in order to encourage people to adopt driving habits that use less gas. That could only be a positive thing, correct? Except, some people were causing accidents because they were avoiding driving practices that would use fuel. Not the initial intention!

What I appreciate about his talk is that he examines how and what design communicates beyond the initial use of the object. Design also ties into the life that we live.

When I'm not on cold medication I will return to Deterding's questions and try to think about how Meandering Design fits into the 'good life'. Or do we intend to create an alternate to the 'good life'.

Deterding quotes Michel Foucault, "Why should the lamp or the house be an art object but not our  life."

Got to love a man who quotes Foucault appropriately.

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