Tactile Inspiration

I adore textiles. I have dreams and when I wake up I can describe the Edwardian pillow case that was on the bed. I dream of suzanni's in vivid color. I am a very tactile person, which can be troublesome sometimes because if someone is wearing something with texture I reach out and touch it. That can cause some embarrassing moments. I'm like a raccoon when they see something shiny! Felt is an incredible material because it is so soft in texture, yet it is a very strong and durable material. 

Felt can be used to make practical things, but it lends itself well to making art. I first read an interview of Emma Peters on Homelife. Her blog Feeling Fuzzy shows not only the art she makes with felt, but some of the practical things. I especially like the Felt Ball Rug she made. 
Image via Feeling Fuzzy

I would love to take a felt workshop with her, but unfortunately she is located in Australia. Just another reason to go visit Australia some day! 

Images via Feeling Fuzzy

Emma Peters is a textile designer and an artist, as the images below show. 

Image via Feeling Fuzzy

Image via Feeling Fuzzy
 It's chill and a bit snowy here in Chicago and now I really want to curl up with some felt and make a little something. Have a good weekend.


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