Quiet can be a good thing sometimes

Teaching sewing-Dabble and beyond

I read a blog post by Tiffany Han, who is a Life Coach, and she talked about putting a new product out there and not hearing a thing. It was something she believed in and was inspired to do and yet, there was no response. I've had that happen. I have put classes out there and not one person signs up. For a moment (alright, maybe multiple moments) I thought about giving up, but yet, I didn't. I put another class out there and still nothing. Then gradually friends and acquaintances started referring people to me for lessons. I taught a 'Wardrobe Revamp' class at Local Goods Chicago and had a blast. I remember driving home that night thinking  I just got paid to meet some fabulous women and sew. It is an amazing feeling when your passion aligns with your work.

Tiffany Han stated-
The crickets help highlight what's worth fighting for, worth going to the mat for - what's that important that you'd risk looking like a fool, or having to ask for help to see happen? What's worth seeing through even when it isn't easy? 

If I had never put that first class out there- there would still be nothing. It is hard sometimes when all you hear are crickets, but there is something to be said when you stick to your guns and stand firm in your belief in yourself. I am also grateful to the friends, acquaintances and sometimes strangers who have supported Meandering Design either through referrals, purchases, taking lessons or simply the shared belief that we are doing something kind of cool.

I am teaching a Wardrobe Revamp class March 7th at Mrs. Murphy's and Sons Irish Pub through Dabble and there are only three spots left. Please sign up here if you are interested. I'm totally geeked about teaching my first Dabble class.


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