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Holly Becker of the blog Decor8 wisely pointed out that much of the content on the web is thanks to all of the bloggers who spend their time researching and curating information.. I know that I rely on other bloggers for information, tips, techniques, and inspiration. While I read some sewing blogs, I also read design blogs, food blogs, and tech blogs.

Decor8's workspace-I am very envious! 

So today I would like to give a bit of love to some of the blogs that I follow-

Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing
Gertie has some mad seamstress skills. I can only aspire to the level of knowledge and amazing technique she has. She also rocks the retro look with pink hair.
In a fabulous frock of her own design. 
Dottie Angel
Dottie understands vintage. I'm sure she would completely get why my mother and I cannot leave a doily behind (link to blog post). She is a gifted thrifter and makes fabulous creations. Her shop sells out quickly and so I have yet to get a dottie angel creation.

Pugly Pixel is the reason why I have challenged myself to learn how to do more especially when it comes to tech and photo shop.

San Francisco Girl has a gorgeous design aesthetic. The world does not carry enough adjectives for me to accurately describe her blog. Please check it out. I am also in awe of Makeshift Society, which is part of my inspiration to open up a Coworking Craft space here in Chicago.

Living room transformed by San Francisco Girl
If you do not know who Design Sponge is then I'm not sure if we can be friends.

A friend (hi Carey) introduced me to Emily Henderson's blog and it rocks. Hard. 

I am in love with Muita Ihania. Her style is so quirky, fresh and crisp and I just wish I had half a clue how to make the things she does.

Image via Muita Ihania

J'adore Les Petites Envies de Mag. Cette blog avais beaucoup d'inspiration pour faire du vestements.

I am grateful to the bloggers who work tirelessly to make their spot in the internet into a calm, well-designed, respite. If you have any blogs you would like to recommend, please give a shout out to them in the comments and tweet them with #bloghug.


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