The Boudoir Part 2

In which our fair heroine creates a mood board using photoshop for the first time

For a recap visit part one.

I have always loved the movie Amelie. Sigh. When looking for inspiration for redesigning my bedroom I immediately looked to Amelie. I want to create a space that is luxe, quirky and cosy. 

Looking through images of the film I noticed that while the red/orange/golden color was the predominant color, there were also these moments of blue.

My next step was to go to the Fabric Warehouse in Pilsen (oh how I love you so) and see what I could find. While the Fabric Warehouse is huge you always have to go with an open mind. Since I cannot paint or wallpaper the walls (which kind of sucks) I need to add color through fabrics. I had painted one wall of my studio space in my old apartment Moroccan Red and I loved it.

Oh Moroccan Red how I love you so!

So, I brought the paint chip with me as the jumping off point for fabric colors. My mood board below gives you an idea of what I found. Now I need to get sewing.

Mood Board

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