Sometimes Life Happens

I realized today that instead of trying to put on a happy front and show you pretty pictures of lovingly made things that today I would be honest.

Sometimes I try to do too much and sometimes I crash and burn. That would be what happened last Saturday evening when a friend asked me to come over and watch Downton Abbey on Sunday. That, right there, the watching of Downton Abbey was too much and I started sobbing. Thankfully my friend understood and was not at all insulted that I could not come over and lay on their couch and watch Downton Abbey on a Sunday afternoon. Ok, when something as delightful as laying on a couch and watching Downton Abbey becomes too hard, then there is a serious problem.

My calendar is stuffed. It is overfull and it is not allowing me time to play. This is going to sound oxymoronic but I need to schedule time to play. I need to schedule space into my overflowing calendar to just breath. The person I was last week who was rushing from place to place, who walked into what should have been a fun party and broke out in hives and had to leave, who is having asthma attacks from stress and can't stop her head from spinning, that person needs to chill.

Here are the steps I am taking to regroup.

  • Declared Sundays are mine and I do not plan one single thing on a Sunday. If something unexpected happens, then that is delightful, but I refuse to plan anything on a Sunday.  
  • Sundays are also internet and text message free. If you call me I will gladly answer the phone. I will not be texting because that means my focus is split between doing something and waiting for your response. I will not be on the computer. I am allowed to watch some tv though while I sew. 
  • I started a pencil to paper list. I divided my to do list of impossible things over three days so I was not horrendously overwhelmed. I always carry a Moleskin with me and so I put my list in there. I also bought a Moleskin pencil the other day and I love it. It has a cap. Yes, I do carry a pencil sharpener with me.
  • I made a committment to work out at least twice a week. For today, if that is only 45 minutes, that is fine. My focus right now will be on yoga so that I can manage my stress level and start feeling better about myself physically. 
  • This is a continuation of what I had already started, but I am eating healthy once again. I am also focusing on getting a bit more protein in my diet because I think that will help as well.
  • I will acknowledge my feelings and process them (I have a years worth of grief that was packed away in a box and let's just say that box fell off the shelf recently and opened up).
  • I will spend more of my time living in the moment instead of thinking about what needs to be done next. I sometimes think so hard about what needs to be done that I end up going to the wrong place or missing out on what is right in front of me.
I would also like to have a 'retreat' someplace near. I am thinking some place where I can do some yoga and have a massage... If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way.

P.S. The universe is listening because someone canceled for this evening, which is o.k.


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