Projects, traditions, and the joy of life

Although I spend more time re-examining my life and my to-do list at the beginning of each of my life cycles (i.e. my birthdays), I do appreciate the pensive and festive vibe that we share at the beginning of each calendar year.  That vibe always makes me search out for traditions and this year the completion of a project joined the list.

About two weeks ago I started searching on the website for ideas on how to make my own pair of slippers.  I found a really awesome one, "cosy slippers from your old wooly jumper" , by ThePrintPlace and decided to give it a go.  The plan was to use only materials that I had at home, to use her instructables as a general guide for the pattern, and to make an awesome pair of slippers for home and base camp.  Yes, I plan on taking them with me camping so I can test them out.

My new slippers are mainly made out of fleece.  The pieces of fleece material were left over from a fleece blanket I made and posted for sale on our online shop.  Now, these are not just simple fleece slippers!  I built the soles by stacking...

- a layer of non-slip material (slippers that do not slip...  ha!)
- a new pair of hiking boot insoles for cushioning and arch support
- a layer of heavy duty emergency blanket material to reflect the heat back to the feet and for insulation
- a layer of porous textile to let moist move away from the fleece, for extra cushion and to trap warmth
- and a layer of fleece (the layer that lines the inside of the slippers and that touches the feet)

In addition, I sew on some reflective material to the top and a "tag" on the back with a loop to allow the slippers to be clipped together for transport (Kandy's favourite part).

I took my time with this project yet it made the 2012 cut...

...and as my watch pointed out that it was midnight, I smiled because I was wearing my last completed project of 2012.  Plus, I was enjoying the best drink I have mixed to date and was about to spend the next hour or so dancing like crazy.

Welcome 2013!


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