Local Goods Chicago

I was at a Craft Mafia event (those ladies are seriously amazing) last October and I met Laura who was opening up a shop called Local Goods Chicago in Edgebrook. Edgebrook is a lovely neighborhood on the West Si-ide that was sadly lacking in handmade goodness. Laura and I both felt that Meandering Design would be a good fit for Local Goods Chicago and vice versa. In the end of November I dropped some things by, but the shop had not yet opened and Laura was kind enough to set things up for me because in the meantime that Fear Experiment thing happened, I collapsed and  have just now returned to the world.

Last week I taught a Wardrobe Revamp class at Local Goods Chicago and I had so much fun. The group of ladies that came were engaging and willing to learn the basics of hand sewing. I'll admit I was a little intimidated because I had a quilt maker in the class and another person who did some machine sewing, but they were open to learning new techniques, which thankfully I was able to teach them. I went home and was so jazzed up I could not fall asleep. I cannot wait to teach another class.

Meandering Design was also a featured artist at Local Goods Chicago. Check out the interview here.

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