A holiday wreath

Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen
I realize the holidays are over, but since I was sick throughout them I didn't get a chance to do this before Christmas. I am trying to pare down and clean some things out. A part of that includes Christmas decorations. I have two tubs of Christmas decorations and a box for the tree. Years ago I started collecting vintage ornaments. I would find them at antique stores and carry them home and hang them lovingly on the tree. Then a couple of years ago I found an antique aluminum Christmas tree. It is so gorgeous in its simplicity that I only hang a few turquoise bulbs on it along with some turquoise garland. It is also draped in a lovely tree skirt I made out of 1950's fabric which is turquoise shot with silver.

Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen
Since I no longer use the ornaments I decided to make them into a wreath. Initially I was going to try to make a frame out of wire hangers, but I did not have any and I got a styrofoam wreath from Joanne's (I feel slightly guilty for this!). The first thing I did was to cover the wreath with a bit of ribbon. Using a glue gun I tacked down the first piece.

Then I continued to wrap the ribbon, which by the way I bought almost 20 years ago for another project I never finished, and I tacked it down with the glue gun every two wraps.

Here is the wreath all wrapped up.
I added a bit of ribbon to hang the wreath on a hook.

I started gluing ornaments to the wreath and filling in empty parts with smaller ornaments. I found that gluing the ornaments to the wreath and then also to each other helped keep it all together. I also left the wreath lying flat so when I hang it there aren't any round bits that keep it from hanging flat.

Here is the final result. It's a bit large, ostentatious and kind of gaudy, but I do adore it. I actually almost ran out of ornaments! 

Here it is hanging on my door. I guess since it is after the New Year I should take it down, but I kind of like coming home to a burst of cheer.


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