The Focus: aesthetically beautiful utilitarian crafts

In my opinion, the driving force of many local businesses devoted to upcycling, such as us here at Meandering Design, is the mixing of beautiful aesthetics with utilitarian elements.

When mass production of poorly made “stuff” took hold of the market, aesthetically beautiful utilitarian crafts, which last for a long time, got more and more expensive and less approachable to the larger part of the population. However, more designers and craft people are bringing back their creations to their community. This is mostly possible because of the refocus of a set of awesome concepts including reusing and upcycling.

As many individuals, advocates, environmentalists, and common sense thinkers have pointed out, it would be very beneficial to our lives on this planet if we lay off the disposable mentality and find more and more ways to reuse what many, sadly, consider trash. The more ways we find to reuse those discarded products to make aesthetically beautiful utilitarian crafts, the more we will close the cycle of consumption which in turn, helps our communities and the people in those communities in a very big way.

That is my dream and my inspiration.


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