It's beginning to look a lot like....

You may have noticed that it has been relatively quiet over here at Meandering Design in regards to the upcoming holiday. I would say a big part of the reason is because 99.9999999999% of everything I read regarding the holidays is about buying stuff (more stuff!!) and, well, I don't want to buy more stuff for myself or for my loved ones.Also, I am royally peeved at all of the gift guides for "men" or for "women". Especially the ones that assume that women don't like tech or that men don't like to knit. I have some choice words regarding that, but I will attempt to refrain from spouting them.

*Edited to add-Sheska pointed out that my prior statement was a bit contradictory. What I meant to say is I do buy Christmas presents for people and I do receive Christmas presents. I try to buy from local vendors, or handmade or I make presents. Operative word on try. In fact I have yet to start making presents. Don't worry I'll get them done (maybe!). I understand that not everyone has the option to buy handmade or local. I also have to admit that I kind of want this holiday season over and done with because I miss Poppy. I'll miss seeing his excitement when the train is set up and running under the tree. So what I meant to say is enjoy this holiday season with your family. 

I am in the holiday spirit though and I even put up my Christmas tree.Yes, I'll take pictures and post them later this week.

Then, today I saw on Apartment Therapy the most fabulous beautiful tree in Belgium via Design Boom and I just had to share-

It is made out of  plates that members of the community contributed.

It is simply gorgeous and the photographs are amazing. I couldn't find the photographer but the project was designed by mooz.


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